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Booking Cator Park MUGA – LTA Youth Starter Courses

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LTA Youth Start

New course starting on Wednesday 17 April 2024

LTA Youth Start is a 6-week course designed to help children who are new to tennis start playing, building their confidence and skills along the way.

So, if your child is aged 5-8, why not give it a try?

£29.99 (+£5 P&P) gets you:

  • Six top-class tennis sessions
  • A tennis racket and set of balls
  • A branded t-shirt
  • Activity cards, a lanyard, stickers and a certificate (provided by the coach)

**Please note that the final 2 sessions are delivered during the Easter holidays. Double check the dates before booking!

LTA Youth Girls

4 – 16 years

The LTA in partnership with Prime Video, has launched a girls only beginner tennis course. It’s packed with games and activities that will help build skills on court, as well as new friendships and confidence in everyday life.

We’re here to make tennis more fun, social and engaging for girls, inspiring them to get on court with friends and family – enjoying the many benefits tennis has to offer.