Grant Funded Projects
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Funded Projects

Widening the appeal of tennis

CO-OP Community Project

Aim: To broaden the reach of tennis, providing free and subsidised tennis opportunity to people of all ages within the Eltham area


Out Rallied in Greenwich is a Sportivate funded project


Aim: To get students aged 11+ who don’t do much sport and physical activity up and moving through fun and engaging tennis activity led by the students.


How: Working with two secondary and four primary schools close to Eltham Park, we’re providing taster sessions, 12 weeks of free tennis at Eltham Park South, as well as delivering Tennis Leaders and Play Makers Awards.


Outcome: To get girls motivated to enjoy the fantastic opportunities tennis can provide, whether that be playing with friends in the park, acquiring a tennis qualification, mentoring and most of all enjoying tennis.

Tennis For Kids is a LTA funded project


Aim: To give children between the ages of 5 – 8 who’ve never played tennis before the opportunity to give it a go.


How: Eltham Park South received funding to deliver four Tennis For Kids sessions.  Forty children played tennis in free tennis sessions across 6 weeks, each receiving their very own racket at the end of the course.


Outcome: To ensure kids get the chance to experience, fall in love and develop a life-long healthy habit of tennis – playing at Eltham Park South!


TwistFizz C.I.C. sends a big thank you to the LTA for the opportunity given to tennis venues across the country to get involved.

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