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Quorn Family Tennis Cup – Red Ball Event

The Quorn™ Family Tennis Cup provides families with the opportunity to play tennis in an informal, fun competition.

The winners of our red ball competition will earn the opportunity of a day out at a Quorn Family Tennis Cup event held on the qualifying weekend of a LTA grass court major event in June.


Date: Sunday 22 April, 2018

Time: 14.00 – 16.00

Place: Eltham Park South

Who can play this event?

Any child born 1 September 2007 or later (10U) playing with an adult family member* born 31 August 1999 or earlier (18+).

* Adult family member – parent, carer, guardian, step parent, co-parent, uncle, auntie, sibling or grandparent

Competition Format

The competition will see pairs playing doubles with their family member in a round robin format.

Certificates will be awarded to each pair taking part. Our winners will also earn a day out to play winners from other venues as well as watch professional tennis at a Quorn Family Tennis Cup Festival during the summer.

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