A Forever Sport

Kids tennis is all about being around loads of other kids, building great friendships and learning new skills.

Designed For Kids

All year round we deliver sessions for children aged 4 – 13 years and run structured courses specially designed by age group and level of play.

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What kit do we need?

We’ve got plenty of rackets for players to borrow.
We encourage players to bring a bottle of water.
Sun cream and visor if it’s sunny.

When is my child ready to move to the next mini stage?

A child’s age usually determines when they’re ready to move. Equally we don’t mind if they stay a little less or longer in a stage – as long as their enjoying and learning. At the end of each term you’ll receive a group progress report to keep you up to date with how they’re doing. We’ll inform you when your child is ready to move and recommend the next class.

Can I speak with the coach?

Absolutely. We save 5 minutes at the end of the lesson so we can catch up with parents.

How many children in a session?

Our coach player ratio is 1:8. There may be more than 8 in a class, however the coach to player ratio will remain the same.

How about competition?

Competition is important and we incorporate competition and games throughout the term. The last session of term always includes a fun competition. We’ll provide plenty of information mid-term on how to enter external competitions.

How do I get involved as a parent?

There are lots of ways to get involved, everything from arranging fun competition, helping out on court, completing a coach qualification or just generally volunteering. Don’t forget to find out about our family play sessions too!