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Steering group to address future of community tennis

Steering group to address future of community tennis

by Sarah Colledge

The inaugural meeting of the EPS Steering Group was held in late February, providing all those who use the facilities with a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the future of community tennis.

The group consists of a cross-section of park and tennis court users who are passionate about helping TwistFizz achieve its mission to ‘breathe life into community tennis in Greenwich, filling the courts at Eltham Park South by providing inspirational coaches and volunteers, fun and sociable activities, and good facilities, at the right price for everyone in the community’.

The steering group aims to bring together key users and stakeholders to review and propose solutions to vital topics, ranging from reviewing general issues and complaints to proposing solutions. For example;

  • court booking,
  • reviewing and proposing coaching programmes,
  • proposing and supporting events and competitions,
  • supporting the development of local partnerships,
  • identifying potential sources of funding and grants.

It is envisaged the steering group will meet quarterly and report to the TwistFizz Management Team.  If you’re keen to be part of the future of community tennis at EPS and are interested in becoming a member of the steering group, please contact me at

No previous experience in sports management or tennis is required.  All we’re looking for is enthusiasm and a determination to improve the facilities we currently have.

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