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Terms and Conditions

Booking policy

Booking a tennis court

Court bookings are non-refundable

All chargeable courts, must be paid for in full at the time of booking

Court bookings will be confirmed by email, as well as displayed in your profile under schedule in the TwistFizz Eltham Park South app

Bookings may be made on the hour or half hour

A customer may book a maximum slot of 1.5 hours per day. The standard price will be adjusted to include the additional half hour

A court booking should be made in the name of the person that will be playing.  Players may be asked to leave the court if the person named on the booking is not present

Children are encouraged to use a court whenever it’s available without making a booking. All children under the age of 16 years must be supervised by a parent

When a court booking is made for an adult and junior playing together, the adult fee applies

Players not present within 15 minutes of the start of a booking risk having the court re-issued or sold to another customer

TwistFizz reserve the right to introduce advanced booking restrictions at times where tennis courts are in high demand. During such times, customers will only be able to make one advance booking per day and book a maximum one hour slot. Subject to availability, additional bookings in high demand periods can be made 24 hours in advance.

Cancelling a court booking

No refunds will be issued for court bookings.

Cancel or change a court booking at least 4hours in advance of booked time.  Courts cancelled within 4hours of booked time will not be credited.

A booking can be cancelled up to 4 hours before the scheduled start time.

Pay and play customers will receive a credit to their MindBody account when a court is cancelled 4 or more hours before the scheduled booking.

A court booking credit is valid for a period of 3 months from the early cancel date. The credit is not transferable and not refundable

A cancellation made within 4 hours of the booking time is marked as a late cancellation, and is not eligible for a credit in the instance a court fee was paid

In the event of adverse weather conditions, a full booking fee is payable for a booking that continues for longer than 30 minutes after the booked hour. Any postponement of a court booking should be logged within 24 hours of the missed booking by contacting hello@twistfizz.co.uk

A credit granted for poor weather conditions is valid for a period of 3 months after purchase. Credit vouchers will not be extended beyond the set expiry date. It’s the players responsibility to claim a credit when weather has prevented play as stated above

Court usage in adverse weather conditions is at the individuals own risk and you shall not hold TwistFizz C.I.C. responsible for any personal injury or accidents

Go Play Pass (for Eltham Park South only)

The Go Play Pass is purchased on a rolling renewal basis. This means that the Pass will automatically renew every 365 days unless you inform us otherwise.

Acceptance of an application for a Go Play Pass is at the discretion of TwistFizz C.I.C. A limited number of these will be offered for sale per year

A Go Play Pass is not transferable

A Go Play Pass is issued per household. A maximum of 2 adults and 4 children under 16 years living at the same address may access tennis using the Go Play Pass

A Go Play Pass cannot be frozen and is valid for one year from purchase.  The purchase of a Go Play Pass is non-refundable after a 14 day cooling off period

The Go Play Pass is valid for use at Eltham Park South only

A maximum of 7 hours of court hours can be booked in any week (Monday to Sunday). This equates to 7 hours of tennis per household per week without a court fee

A maximum of one court can be booked per hour/hour and a half using the Go Play Pass

Courts can be booked up to 7 days in advance

Go Play Pass holders may book floodlit tennis for £3.50 per hour (via smartcard)

Cancelling a Go Play

A Go Play Pass is non-refundable once the 14-day cooling off period has expired.

A Go Play Pass is not refundable once it’s been used to make court bookings

The Go Play Pass is purchased on a rolling renewal basis. This means that the Pass will automatically renew every 365 days unless you inform us otherwise.  Cancellation notice must be received by email to hello@twistfizz.co.uk no less than a week before renewal. TwistFizz C.I.C. will acknowledge your cancellation email by return email. If you do not receive this email and cannot provide it to us on request, your cancellation will not be valid.

A court may be cancelled up to 4 hours before you’re due to play by logging into your MindBody account or via the TwistFizz EPS app

Go Play pass holders will receive a return of their weekly booking allowance when a court is cancelled 4 or more hours before the scheduled booking

If a court booking is not used or is cancelled with less than 4 hours advance notice, a ‘late cancellation’ or ‘no show’ strike will apply to the Go Play pass holder

Three late court cancellations or no-shows in any 60 day period will result in the loss of advanced booking rights for 30 days


Floodlit tennis

Floodlit tennis is available Monday to Sunday until 9pm

To access floodlit tennis at Eltham Park South a smartcard must be purchased along with floodlight credits https://www.twistfizz.co.uk/booking-eltham-park-courts-smart-card/

Once a smartcard and floodlight credit has been purchased online, arrange collection of the smartcard by phone 0208 987 8027 or email hello@twistfizz.co.uk

Make certain that floodlights are activated to cover the period of your booking

Swipe your smartcard at least three minutes before your booking, regardless of whether the floodlights are already on. Don’t let the floodlights go out as they require a 15 minute cooling period before they will re-activate.

 After purchasing top-up floodlight credits, arrange to have the credit physically added to the smartcard by a member of the Twistfizz team


Cancelling a Smart Card

If a smartcard is lost, stolen or damaged it can be replaced by purchasing another. Credit from a damaged, lost or stolen card will not be transferred to a newly purchased card. Lose the smartcard, lose the credit

No refunds or credit will be given for a card with existing credit that is no longer in use

Junior Group Bookings

Places are sold on a first-come first-served basis

Consent information is required for all junior programmes

Once the maximum number of attendees are reached, a waiting list may be created and customers will be contacted if places become available.

A minimum of 5 participants is required for a course to go ahead.

TwistFizz reserves the right to cancel a course as a result of insufficient registration, a minimum of 24 hours before the start of activity. A credit will be provided in this case.

A course booking guarantees your child a permanent place, no discounts/ credits / refunds will be given for sessions that you cannot attend

A customer who misses a scheduled course date may request a make up session, in the same term to which the course was booked, at the sole discretion of the TwistFizz Team. The arrangement must be made in advance and booked.  Make up sessions cannot be carried over into another term

Missed sessions will not be credited unless there are exceptional circumstances e.g. doctor’s note.

All courses will aim to go ahead irrespective of the weather. Play will only stop due to heavy and continuous rain and the courts becoming unplayable. In hot weather play will stop if an extreme heat warning is issued by the MET office. Play will continue in inclement weather at the coaches’ discretion

Junior Group Cancellation Policy

Where the participant wishes to cancel a programme booking, the following arrangements apply:

A course booking may be cancelled at least three days prior to the first session and a credit will be allocated. No refunds will be processed

Once a course is booked your place is guaranteed for the duration of the course. If you can’t make a date, we don’t re-allocate your place. No credit or refund will be given for course dates missed. Participants are welcome to do a make-up session on another available course during the same term

Any credit issued must be redeemed by the customer within three months of the activation date. Credits will not be extended without exception

Any cancellation requests outside of the three-day window should be made via email to hello@twistfizz.co.uk. No credit will be issued

If you can no longer attend due to injury you must inform us in writing with a doctor’s note to hello@twistfizz.co.uk. TwistFizz C.I.C. will confirm via email that pro rata credit will be issued from the next session date once this is received. No retrospective claims can be credited. Injury credit is valid for 12 months from the agreed date.

Book Pay & Play Classes

Pay & Play sessions run with a minimum number of 4 participants for 60 minute sessions and 6 participants for 90 minute sessions

Classes may be booked up to an hour before the start of the session

Class packs are available for purchase via the TwistFizz Eltham Park South App or your online Mindbody Account.

You can manage your schedule, assign class packs to the sessions and dates you choose to book

Classes will run unless, the weather is poor or minimum numbers aren’t achieved. When minimum numbers are not achieved the coach will inform participants via email. In this instance a credit will be returned to your account

If weather is poor, the teacher will make a decision on whether the class runs approximately 45 minutes before the session begins

Purchase of Class Packs for Weekly Sessions

Class packs can be purchased for pay & play sessions

Credits purchased in packs must be used in the specified time or will expire.

No refund or credit will be given for any unused expired packs

Credits must be used by the named holder only and cannot be transferred to other court users.

TwistFizz C.I.C. reserve the right to amend the packs at short notice if required


Weekly Adult Pay & Play Sessions

Customers may cancel course via the TwistFizz Eltham Park South app or their online account

Any cancellations must be made with more than 12 hours’ notice prior to the session start time to receive a credit for a like for like session values at 100% of the original fee.

Cancellations made within 12 hours of the booked session starting are not eligible for any credit.

No refunds will be given for missed sessions

Credits are valid for 3 months from the date purchased

Competitions and Events

Any cancellations must be made with more than 12 hours’ notice prior to the session start time to receive a credit for a like for like session values at 100% of the original fee.

Cancellations made within 12 hours of the booked session starting are not eligible for any credit.

Cancellations made by TwistFizz C.I.C.

All courses will aim to go ahead irrespective of the weather. Play will only stop due to heavy and continuous rain with the courts becoming unplayable. Play will continue in inclement weather at the coaches’ discretion. If necessary, coaches will utilise wet weather resources to aid off court learning

If the weather forecast prior to the session is poor, any decision to cancel will be made by the the coach as late as it is reasonably possible (ideally no later than 30mins before the session is due to begin).

When one session is cancelled by us, we will offer a makeup lesson for the same term. This can be arranged by contacting the TwistFiz Team.

When more than one session is cancelled in the term a credit will be applied to your account for use in the next term. No refunds for sessions cancelled by rain will be given

Whenever possible, customers will be sent an email and/ text message once a decision to cancel has been made. Our overall intention is for as many sessions as possible to go ahead.

If a participant is absent from a session for a reason other than TwistFizz cancelling the session due to adverse weather, he/she is choosing to forfeit the time.

Wet Weather Policy

British weather can be unpredictable, it’s our aim to continue sessions in any weather.

Sessions generally go ahead in light rain and we recommend that participants pack a wet weather jacket

Activity will be cancelled if the courts are adversely affected or weather is likely to contribute to a negative experience for players.

Any decision to postpone or cancel a session due to poor weather conditions will be made 30 minutes before the start and will be communicated by either email or text. If no official cancellation has been communicated by the coach /TwistFizz Team the session is deemed to have run

If you haven’t received communication and you’re in doubt please contact the Lead Coach directly.

A session that runs for over half of the designated time and is then interrupted by poor weather conditions is considered a full session. No credit will be offered

A session interrupted by bad weather conditions before halfway through is considered incomplete and the player can request a credit note


No refunds will be provided for any tennis services provided by TwistFizz C.I.C., apart from exceptional circumstances:

If you feel that you have an exceptional circumstance, please send details to hello@twistfizz.co.uk. Upon review of documentation the management team decision will be final.


The safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is of paramount importance. Any safeguarding concerns should be reported to our safeguarding officer, Anita Sheen anitasheen4@gmail.com

Children under the age of 13 years are not permitted to leave the court without supervision of a coach, tennis leader or parent

All junior players should be collected at the end of a session. Children may make their own way home with parental permission


The coaching programme

Courts will be used for the delivery of the coaching programme, competitions and events.

Only coaches working as part of the TwistFizz team are permitted to coach at Eltham Park South

Any person not part of the TwistFizz coaching team, delivering tennis lessons at our sites will be asked to leave the courts

The use of ball baskets and ball machines is at the discretion of the TwistFizz management team

All TwistFizz coaches are LTA accredited, first aid trained, DBS checked and have attended safeguarding training


A court booking must be made in order to play tennis at Eltham Park South, unless you’re a child under 16 taking advantage of a spare court

For the safety of all players, bikes and scooters must be left outside the courts.  They can be locked up on the bike racks out-side of the court

Clear away rubbish

Courts are booked / used for tennis only, no other activity is permitted on the courts

Plastic drink bottles are welcome, no glass please

All issues, maintenance concerns should be reported to the TwistFizz team at hello@twistfizz.co.uk or 0208 987 8027