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Autumn Programme

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for the winning edge, our selection of adult tennis courses, drop-in, social and individual sessions are designed to fit your schedule and help you achieve your tennis goals. We’ve divided our adult tennis programme into three main categories, so you can find the perfect session.


From never played before to being able to get the ball over the net every so often. Starting a rally with an overarm serve will be very new.

Cardio Tennis

boom box

Hit, run, side-step, smash, sprint – advantage you. Welcome to tennis, you’re back in the game.

Introducing Smash HiiT, a new full-body, high tempo group workout.


New to the game

Never played before

We make starting out all a bit easier by using a smaller court and a ball that behaves exactly as you would want it to when you’re learning the ropes! It’s a 6-week course introducing you to a new skill each week, with the aim of having you rallying, serving and scoring by the end.

Beginner Two's

beginners tennis logo

Beginner Two’s

You’ve completed a beginner’s course and you’re keen to further develop your technique and all-round game. The key to improving your tennis is regular play – C’mon you know it, ready, read, react and recover!


You can control where the ball is going and can maintain a short rally to you’re fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots but not quite comfortable with all strokes. Control and depth is your aim along with developing direction and a bit of power.

Improvers - Women's session

This is a pay & play session for women only.  In this session we cover essential  technique and focus on the tactics that will get you playing confidently from the back the court and making  decisions about shot selection


twistfizz sweatbandTake your game to the next level with Rally, Serve and Score. Each week’s session focuses on a different area of the game, from serving to standing strong on court, you will improve your ability with a mixture of skills training and match play with other players at your level.

*Advance booking is required.

Cardio Tennis

boom box

Hit, run, side-step, smash, sprint – advantage you. Welcome to tennis, you’re back in the game.

Introducing Smash HiiT, a new full-body, high tempo group workout.


Tennis & Chat


Play doubles and get top tips on positioning, tactics and outsmarting your opponents.

coffee and tennis

A session for adults wanting to improve their doubles game whilst having fun as they learn.

No better way to finish than with a chat about the sesh over a tea or coffee.



You can depend on your strokes, with great directional control and depth on groundstrokes. You can use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success. You can play aggressively at the net, your court coverage and shot control is great and your developing your teamwork in doubles.

TwistFizz Team Training

A session designed for players representing TwistFizz in the men’s and women’s Kent Leagues.

Focused on developing rally skills and tactical awareness.  Themes will be set around common doubles combinations and scenarios, you’ll be well prepared for matches.

Go Team TwistFizz Go!

Adult Intermediates

The drills will assist your stroke progression and enhance the tactical, technical and physical aspects of your game through set practices either led by the coach or working with a partner. You’ll hit lots of balls, hone your strokes and get court fit.

Adults FAQ

Do I need a racket?

You don’t need a racket to play, we have plenty. We’ve also got a stack of tennis balls. When we’re at the park we can arrange a racket for you to borrow, we ask for a £10 deposit refundable when the racket is returned.

What should I wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in, we’d recommend investing in a pair of trainers that prevent your feet moving around and that’s it!

Do I have to book and pay on-line?

We’re happy to take a booking for coaching sessions via email (this maybe a little slower). Paying before in advance of the beginning of the course or session ensures your place is guaranteed.

What if I need to cancel or re-schedule a session?

That’s a-ok as long as you agree this with us 24 hours before the start of your lesson. We’ll either issue with a refund or credit.

What happens if the weather is rubbish?

We’ll pretty much play in all conditions and will stop in heavy and persistent rain. Check out our T&C’ for further details.

Do you offer a free trial?

Absolutely, you can try before you buy provided there is space in the session / course you’re interested in attending.

Can I book a court and just play?

Of course, there will always be courts allocated to casual play, book a court here.

What is the difference between a course and a drop-in session?

A course generally runs for a set number of weekly sessions (anywhere between 6 – 12 weeks) You book and pay in advance and your place is guaranteed for the length of the course. A drop-in session allows you to book ad-hoc, especially useful if your weekly schedule is changeable.

Individual Sessions

Never played before and want some 1-2-1 sessions for rapid improvement? Got something that is in real need of fine-tuning to get you to the top of your game? Individual coaching is a great way to focus on your game, agree your goals and ensure you get the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills to take your game to a whole new level.

Contact our coaches directly to book


Tennis Ladders - June to August 2021

Singles and Doubles Tennis Ladders

6 June – 31 August 2021

Singles entry: £6.00

Doubles & Mixed entry: £6 per pair

Who is it for: Players of all standards

Play friendly, fun and competitive matches throughout the summer. Arrange matches at a time that suits you. Issue challenges on-line, organise your own matches and enter your own scores on the Tennis Rungs app.

Tennis Ladders - Spring / Summer 2021

EPS Championships, July - September 2021

The Eltham Park South Championships

10 July – 12 September

Women’s/Men’s Singles: £12

Men’s/Women’s/Mixed Doubles: £8 per person

Finals day: Sunday 12 September 12pm


The annual EPS Championships is open to everyone currently playing at Eltham Park South as their main tennis venue.

Find out more by viewing the RULES AND REGULATIONS


Ready to get started? Easily book online or get in touch.