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Journey among legends

Journey among legends

By Nuray Tanis

As a mother of two from Southeast London, I’ve had a great passion for tennis for many years, and currently, Maya, my 10-year-old daughter plays twice a week at TwistFizz.

Her tennis journey started in 2018, after we moved to the UK from abroad. I really wanted to share my love of tennis with Maya and through an online search discovered the LTA’s programme, Tennis for Kids, which TwistFizz at Eltham ParkSouth was running.  That is how I met Lyndall, the founder of TwistFizz. I left her a voice message stating my interest but also wondering how Maya could take part as she only spoke a few words of English.  Lyndall was confident Maya could join in and also enjoy it.

That lovely phone call was the start of Maya’s tennis journey. Since she started, Maya has never missed a session and we spend our Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at EPS. She is currently competing in junior tournaments across the South East and we are also regulars at Wimbledon to see the players we love in action. She looks up to legends, such as Federer and Nadal, and is also really impressed with rising star Emma Raducanu.

I also play in adult sessions at Eltham Park South from time to time. The open and friendly environment makes it easy for everyone to participate and enjoy tennis. With the support of TwistFizz I also achieved my Level 1 coaching assistant qualification and I sometimes volunteer with the 8 and under sessions as an assistant to share the joy of this brilliant sport with children.

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